League Rules

1: Match Format

A: League Games, Cup Games and Individual Knockouts will all be played on Tuesday nights and will all commence at 8.00pm sharp.

B: 5 singles games, best of 3 legs, toss of coin determines break order for 3 frames.

C: Scoring: 1 point awarded for each game won, plus 1 point for winning match.

D: Scorecard: Home team names first on card, folded for away team. Reserves to be put on card in order they will play, plus all names must be on card before play commences. Names on card MUST comprise initial and surname. All players are to sign the scorecard following their game. Any irregularities will result in a point being deducted.

E: Home team to referee all games - must be a member of the team unless captains agree

Referees decision is final. A player should not referee one of his relations (eg son) matches.

F: Home team captain will be responsible for reporting score by Friday of the same week and
submitting scorecard by Sunday of same week. Failure to do so will result in a 5 point
penalty to the home team. Points won on the night will stand. Failure to do this for a CUP game will result in the AWAY team going through to the next round regardless of the result.
G: World Eight ball Pool Federation (World) Rules with the following exceptions

NO timing rule. NO FOUL called for chalk on the table unless the REFEREE feels the player is trying to gain an advantage, then a verbal warning shall be issued on the first occasion, a foul shall be called on the second occasion without further warning.


2: Additional Match Details

A: Matches CANNOT be cancelled due to shortage of players, matches must be played on the designated Tuesday and there is no limit to the minimum amount of players turning up to play. Players must be entered onto the card in number order i.e 3 players then fill in the 1st, 2nd & 3rd lines on the scorecard etc! The only exception for a cancellation would be due to extreme weather conditions, should this happen the matched must be played within 1 month of original match date and before last game of season.

B: All players must be registered. A player can be register immediately prior to a match by printing full name followed by his signature on the back of that week's scorecard.

Only 2 new players can be registered before any 1 match.

C: A player can transfer teams within the first 3 weeks of the season providing both teams agree to the transfer. Otherwise a player can only play for one team in a season except a landlord who may play for a maximum of 2 elected teams, but can only play for one of his 2 elected teams (where appropriate) on the same night.

D: Teams can have one player under 18 but must be over 14 years of age.

E: Any disputes between teams should be referred to the committee within 48hrs of the match. The committee will make a ruling at the next meeting. If a member of the committee plays for
a team party to the dispute he is not entitled to vote.

F: Players can only play in cup games if they have played in at least 2 league games (does not apply to first round of the cup).

G: Coaching: Any word or action deemed as coaching by the referee a 'first and final warning' will be given to the individual or team concerned, if the referee deems another act of coaching has occurred this will be penalised by a standard foul (two visits)!

H: If a player is going to arrive late, then the opposing captain must be advised of this before scorecard is filled in. Should this player not arrive by the time his game is to commence, then the opposing captain will claim the game 2-0.

I: The Home team has the right to claim any match at 8.15pm if the away team has not arrived, the only exception to this is if the away team has contacted the Captain or venue before this time to advise of a problem (Venue & Captain's numbers on fixture lists)!


3: Rules & Regulations

A: League entrance fee £45 per team (split £25 for the team and £20 to cover all players registered), which includes entry fees for knockout cup, captains cup and house championship, is to be paid on or before the Annual General Meeting preceding the season concerned. Entry fee for singles and doubles competitions £2 per player due with entry form by deadline date. It is the captain's responsibility to make sure all fee's are collected and entered at the appropriate time, unregistered players will be deducted 1 point until money received.

B: Knockout Names & Venues draw sheets - If your venue has been drawn to hold a knockout competition, it is the responsibility of the Captain(s) to inform their landlord / venue!

C: All finals played on finals night will be best of 5 legs, Finals night matches will commence as close to 7.00pm as possible (allowing for room / table set up etc).
D: If teams finish the season with an identical record, final league positions will be based on
the results of the games between the teams involved, and then on a legs count back.

E: League, Knockout and Subsidiary cup winners and runners up to receive 6 individual
trophies - with a maximum of 7 per team 'if requested'.

F: Annual trophies: The committee will arrange the engraving after final's night and then they are to be signed for by the landlords to be kept in a safe and an acceptable condition, if the landlord is not willing to sign for them the Captain will be contacted and given the option of taking the trophy. If the Captain does wish to take the trophy he must sign for it and be responsible for returning it to a committee member on or before the next Final's night!

G: If required a Captain's meeting will be call for by the committee at the half season point, this meeting would be held on a Sunday or Monday night at 8:00 pm.

H: League rules can only be changed at a full captain's meeting i.e. AGM.

I: The committee to comprise of a maximum of 5 members.

J: Rulings by committee will be final.


4: Penalties

A: Should a team fail to show up for a match and no phone call is received either, the team will be deducted 5 points. If a team misses 2 away games in a season, team expelled from league and not allowed to join the following season.

B: Any player not turning up to the first round of the Singles or Doubles Competitions without good reason or pre advising the committee will NOT be entered into the Subsidiary Competitions.

C: Any team/player causing disrepute - league has authority to bar team/player concerned.

D: AGM - If the Captain or at least one representative of every team are not present at the AGM, a penalty of -5 points will be incurred from the start of the new season's league tables!

E: Captain's meeting if requested would carry the same penalties as the AGM; any team not represented would be subject to a -5 point deduction in the league tables!

F: Knockout Refereeing (Singles, Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Captain's & House Champions) - The losing player from any stage of these competitions is required to referee the next game, failure to do so will be penalised by an immediate ban from these competitions for the remainder of the season and following season.

G: Scorecards - There should only be scores and signatures on scorecards (with the exception of signing on a new player), any defacement / abuse of any kind will result in an instant -6 point deduction from the league tables.

H: Unsportsmanlike behaviour - If the committee receives complaints about any team(s) / player(s) for unsportsmanlike behaviour, they have the right to issue a warning for the 1st offence and then a ban for the current season and the following season for a 2nd offence.

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